Veteran-Led Attributes Now Added to Google

Americans support military service men and women. It’s a long overdue attitude for those who make sacrifices to serve the country. The federal government has many programs for veterans and offers preference to veterans for open jobs and federal contracts. Many states follow suit. Some corporations also give preference to veterans for jobs or when

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Advertising Agency

A Colorado Springs Advertising Agency That’s Changing The Way You Think About Digital Marketing 

Marketing in its simplest form has always focused on getting a business connected to its target audience in some way, and digital marketing is the modern expression of that process. Digital marketing makes the connection right where the audience is – on the Internet. Because virtually every person above the age of five in this

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Local SEO

The Importance of Local Listings and How They Help with Local SEO

The Importance of Local Listings and How They Help with Local SEO In the world of SEO, local business listings are an online entry of your company name, the valid physical address of your storefront or office, and a local phone number (NAP). Other information about your business is included as well such as website

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Importance of Consumer Reports

Do you know who you’re marketing to? Have you taken into consideration the demographic you’re trying to focus on or are you just using a “one-size-fits-most” marketing approach? If this is how you’re approaching your marketing plan, there are some crucial things you’re missing out on. You could be missing a whole demographic of potential

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Know Your Competitor

A competitive analysis is your chance to look closely at your industry and your competition, learn why, how often, and what your opponents are doing. Analyzing market competition can provide key insights that will benefit your approach to developing a sound business strategy. Start by researching competition within the industry. Take a look at various

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Patient Reviews

Benefits Of Patient Reviews And Ratings For Your Business

Customers confide in public ratings and reviews when they’re shopping for just about anything. What Customers say about their experiences has a direct impact on your business. Open source reviews, such as Google or Yelp, can shape, make, or break your business. As consumers search for products and services that best meet their needs, they’re

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