Google and Facebook are one of the most popular and biggest platforms on the internet for venturing businesses today. With its growing online users daily, these are important platforms for businesses to utilize to gain leverage in the marketplace. Thus, it is vital for them to know when is the right pay-per-click (PPC) platform to start their ad campaign to maximize its benefits for them. 

This blog will explore the basics of Google and Facebook ads to help jump-start your business and improve your visibility, engagements, and conversion rates. 

Understanding Google Ads 

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform to drive quality traffic and acquire customers effectively. It uses keywords to target audiences who will be seeing the ads. Using this platform, businesses will have more opportunities to promote their products and services by running their advertisements on search engine results pages.

With its diverse online users and as the most used search engine, this platform can help businesses to reach their target audience and produce quality leads regardless of their budget. In fact, A typical Google ad conversion rate for various industries is about 3.75%. Additionally, it increases brand awareness by as much as 80%. 

Tips for nailing your Google Ads campaign

Whether you are a small or established business, you can use this PPC platform to scale your business. Here are some of the best advertising practices you should always keep in mind:

  • Avoid too general and narrow keyword terms
  • Focus on improving your quality score
  • Set realistic goals
  • Know your target audiences
  • Optimize your website’s landing page

Understanding Facebook Ads 

Social media is considered the most effective platform to advertise and to reach your target audiences. In fact, online consumers spend about three hours using various social media channels every day. With that, your advertisement will have a higher chance of reaching the right audiences that can purchase your products or services. 

Among social media platforms, Facebook has the largest number of online users, which means your business has a greater chance of acquiring customers. 

But what’s even greater about this platform?

Facebook ads allow their users to start their advertisement campaign for as low as $1 per day. Aside from this, your business can also reach the right audiences through its target options. This is based on your audience’s demographics, locations, gender, age, behavior, and many more. 

Tips for nailing your Facebook Ads campaign

You don’t have to offer unique products and services to attract new customers to your business. What you actually need is to know the right strategies to market your business through ads properly.

Here are some of the following strategies you should know:

  • Choose an ad format that resonates with your business niche
  • Track your ad performance regularly
  • Maximize your budget for the campaign
  • Know who you are talking to and listen to your audience
  • Pick the best time and day to run your ads

Which PPC platform should your business use?

There are a variety of PPC platforms to choose from. Each of these has different features to help you to better reach and connect to your audiences. 

Keeping this in mind, when choosing the right PPC platform, you need to map your goals and align them with the platform’s strengths. You can also try to run small tests on each platform to find out which one provides satisfactory results. 

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