Recent Work

Website Design

Kim Welch Law

Previously this client was using GoDaddy’s Business Website Builder. With this type of builder, you get very little control or customization. You only get the template you chose at the beginning and cannot migrate off GoDaddy or use the hosting for that to upload any custom website. She got on actual web hosting, and I uploaded her new WordPress site, along with custom icons!

Interactive Website Design

Country Wide Steel

This client came to me wanting an interactive website design. We were able to create an interactive page that allowed customers to pick out the colors for the prefabricated steel building. They also wanted to be able to display their building plans.

Landing Page

Health Insurance You CAN Afford

This client wanted a one-page design made specifically for lead generation.  He wanted limited content on the site, but enough information for anyone inquiring about health insurance. His main objective was to inform people that insurance can be affordable. I utilized WordPress to create their design and made them some custom icons. The client was pleased with the finished product.

Website Design

Drop Tine Construction

We created a WordPress site and turned all of their floor plans into renderings for this site. They were so thrilled with the floor plan renderings we got to create more for their Parade of Home’s magazine presentation.

Logo Design

Total Wellness Bodyworks

This client came to me wanting a logo for her business Total Wellness Bodyworks. Her inspiration, “I believe that massage treats the whole person, not just their body…I also love dragonflies!” Her examples included watercolor designs and a pretty font. She also wanted it to be green.

Logo Design

Aspen + Pine

This client came to me with an idea of what they wanted but wasn’t quite sure how to put it together. After some trial and error, we were able to make the logo just what they wanted! Their style tended to lean toward very simple and clean, but classy. White House/Black Market, Pottery Barn. They wanted grey and white and liked straight lines.

Business Photos & Virtual Tour

Crossroads Family Dentistry – Colorado Springs, CO

I took interior photos for my client after they moved into their new office space. The interior design of this building is incredible. We are thrilled with the way they turned out.

Business Photos

Salus Hydrate – Newtown, PA

This client opened up their new drip bar, just outside of Philidelphia. I flew out there and took some interior photos along with a Virtual Tour that we uploaded on their Google My Business listing. Thier virtual tour recieved over 6,000 extra views on Google in the first 4 months.

360° Virtual Tours

Life Restoration Center – Castle Rock, CO

The virtual tours we do for our clients are an excellent way for them to show off their office or business before people come. They are building instant trust with their potential clients or customers.

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