First, and foremost, what is a Google Virtual Tour? Google Virtual Tours use the same system as Street View. It allows your potential customers to step into your business, increasing your search engine visibility and converts more web visitors.  I have to admit these virtual tours are pretty awesome! Not only do 360° Google tours improve your online visibility and draw traffic to your business, but they also make it so you can be anywhere and explore all these places in the world that you may not be able to see. Businesses like yours are using Google Street View to put their communities on the map. Now let’s talk about some benefits of adding a Google 360° virtual tour to your Google My Business listing. 

Build Trust With Your Customers

It’s common knowledge that people do business with others that they know, like, and trust. To earn that trust, you can start with brand humanization. People want to understand who it is they’re doing business with before making a decision. Google Virtual Tours Portland Oregon

Show Not Tell 

It’s easy for you to showcase who’s behind the company by adding your pictures online and letting potential customers inside your location with an online virtual tour. It’s much easier to know, like, and trust the people behind the brand, rather than the brand itself.

Enhances Your Business Listing

According to Google Mapslistings with a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest than those without one. When you hire a Google Trusted Photographer like Talk Out Loud, you are more likely to gain visibility quicker than your competitor. By adding these online virtual tours, people will stay on your listing longer, making you more relevant, therefore, increasing search ranking. 

Show You Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

Whoever your target audience may be, most customers want to know that their provider is offering the best of the best in products, service, and treatments. If your online presence shows an out-dated website, no social media presence, and wrong contact information customers are going to be concerned about the legitimacy of your business. In today’s market, you need to appeal to everyone. Especially the younger audience. We want the top of the line, fast, and convenient. Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is trending, get on the bandwagon already! 

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Did you know that visual content is better than text? What is that saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? If that is correct, then what do you think a virtual tour is worth? 3D imagery is processed much faster than a description of your location. Content with visuals gets 94% more total views. 

Final Thoughts

As you read above, there are many benefits to adding a Google Virtual Tour to your Google Maps listing. The virtual tour I’ve included on this page is one that we created using the Matterport camera. We include online embedding with your virtual tour and a Google 360° upload at no additional cost.