If you are a startup business, the first platform you may have considered utilizing to scale your products and increase sales is social media. With the vast and diverse number of social media users, making a website may seem like a little bit of extra work for you. 

Although it is a smart decision to focus on social media, there is likely a high chance that you are missing out on a lot of opportunities outside the platform. 

What do we mean by this? 

According to Statista, there are over 4.7 billion social media users across the globe. Meanwhile, it is recorded that there are around 5.03 billion internet users in 2022. This means there are more or less 1 billion potential customers beyond the social media bubble you can acquire.

And we all know that to maximize your reach in the online space, getting a website is really important. 

Still not convinced that your startup businesses need a website to improve online presence? Here are the other key reasons why you should have one. 

Establishes your credibility

In a report, over 70-80% of online users research a business first before finally making a purchase. 

With that in mind, it is important to create a website that would appeal to your target audience is a must. Having a responsive, modern, and professional website is a very important factor to gain a customer’s trust.

You can also highlight your business’s mission and values to further rebuild your reputation towards your potential customers. 

Plays a role in your digital marketing efforts

Online presence is one of the important factors that you to consider for your business. This will allow you to gain attention and attract more customers. But keep in mind that an online presence alone won’t guarantee sales and profit. 

Having your own website and using various digital marketing strategies will help you drive traffic, increase leads, and scale your business.

Serves as your portfolio

The best way to attract and gain loyal customers is by showcasing to them what your business can offer. You should be able to leverage a website by providing information that customers would want to know about your business. 

For instance, you can include your previous works, specializations, client testimonies, and other service reviews. It will give potential customers a better idea of who you are and what makes you unique in your chosen niche. 

Wider access in the online market

A business website will allow you to maximize your reach in the online space. Thus, there will be no restrictions on the location of your business operations, and you will have full control. Simply put, you will have the opportunity to reach a wider target audience across the globe. 

Helps in branding

Last but not least, one of the reasons you will need a website is for your venture’s branding. It is important that you should highlight to your prospects what makes you stand out among your competitors. Having a professional and well-developed website will help you showcase your brand and attract customers.

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