In this day and age, when we are planning to buy something, the first place we look it up is not the nearby store but the internet. So do the home-buyers, proving that real estate is no exception to the increasing obsession of having everything online. The virtual tour had made this simple and easy.

Moreover, with the evolution in how people look up the house of their dream online, it is only fair that real estate agents put some effort into coming out of the 2D pictures and advance towards the new 3D Virtual tours. They are a great way of increasing traffic on your page and generating more leads.

How Virtual Tours Help

Here are some facts and figures on how real estate 3D virtual tours can help:

1. Home Buyers use Internet First

Gone are the days when people used to rely on the ‘Fore sale’ sign in the neighbourhood or the newspaper listings. Now, that we have the world in our hands through the internet, stats show that 79% of repeat home-buyers and 84% of first-timers use the web to find a property.

Well, now that you have an audience viewing the property online, there is no harm in making their online tour interesting with strategically shot 3D Virtual Tours.

2. Virtual Tours Attract Crowds

Stats released by the National Association of Realtors show that 1 in every two adults on the internet has taken a virtual tour. This revelation indicates that people are more likely to visit and stay on pages that offer them a good view of the property through visual trips.

Besides, the survey also says that more than 6 million people are viewing these tours regularly, which means 6 million potential buyers.

Remember, you wouldn’t want to let go of such a huge number of buyers for the absence of visual tours.

3. Buyers Want Visuals

The survey suggests that almost 83% of the potential homebuyers who visit online real-estate stores want to see visuals. Well, while graphs, pictures, and videos are also visuals, they are not as interactive as 3D Virtual Tours. They allow visitors to connect with the house emotionally.

3D Virtual Tours give the buyers a visit to the property without having to visit it in person. Moreover, if you have the technology available to make this possible, there is no harm in using it.

4. No Visuals, No Customers

National Association for Realtors survey also reveals that approximately 53% of the Home-buyers visiting the web do not even look at the listings without visuals.

Nowadays, the lack of images, videos, or visuals of any source makes the listing appear unauthentic, and people tend to avoid them.

So, if you want to retain all your customers, you should think of levelling up the visuals with 3D Virtual tours of your listings.

5. Virtual Tours are a Hit Amongst Home-buyers

Home-buyers who look up their potential dream homes online are drawn towards virtual tours even more than slashing prices. This attraction is entirely justified because they get the right idea about what the house looks like without visiting it.

With Virtual Home Tours, your listings and pages are highly likely to get more views and lead conversion.

6. Longer Visits, Better Retention

Images are not bad when it comes to making your listings more interactive. Then again, it takes the potential buyers a couple of seconds to glance through the images and move on. Whereas, virtual videos mean that the viewers are going to stay on the page for up to 5 to 10 times longer than usual. Plus, the 3D Virtual Tours prove more effective in converting leads into buyers.

Having been through the facts and figures, here are some more reasons why Real Estate cannot do without 3D Virtual Tours online:

  • Virtual Tours bridge the distance of physical availability, enabling the potential buyers to feel the various dimensions of the house in the comfort of their home.
  • It is the quickest, efficient, and cost-effective way of showing the prospective buyers around for the agents as well as the sellers.

To enable the realtors to establish an emotional and intellectual connection with the customers through 3D virtual tours, Matterport’s 3D and VR Photography equipment will take you a long way. We are a team of professional 3D photographers who will shoot your house in the best possible light. Moreover, along with photos, the Virtual shoots help you give an insight into what the property has to offer.