Start-ups depend on effective marketing to reach their targeted audience. Without effective marketing, your company may never reach its fullest potential. Since we live in a day and age of technology, it’s only expected that online marketing fills a large portion of your efforts, if you’re ready to succeed. Digital marketing, as it’s formally known, utilizes various online platforms to promote your brand, products, and services to those with interest. Among these techniques is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Like it or not, your company is a part of the SEO world if it’s a part of the digital world. Why not embrace this marketing technique that ensures your company reaches its target audience and converts them into customers? SEO is a tool used by Google, the largest search engine provider in the world, to connect the best companies with the customers looking for their services. When you strategize your search engine content according to current SEO standards, your company is destined for success, and reaching your fullest potential is simple. It’s been a critical component of success for many businesses over the years; don’t disclude your company from the results.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your web pages visible to consumers. SEO is beneficial to consumers who use various search engines to locate products, services, and businesses of interest. It’s the most important marketing tool used today, although SEO has been around for more than 20 years already. People access businesses’ differently today than a few short years ago. It’s with thanks to increasing, improved technology that has caused the abrupt change. As a start-up business, SEO provides the technology your brand needs to rise to the top.

The primary goal of SEO is to direct traffic to your website and convert this traffic into a customer. An effective SEO strategy will also help place your blog, social media pages, and other digital content within the first few pages of the search engine results for the specific keywords you’ve selected. Statistics show that most people won’t look past the first or second page of the results. If your web pages aren’t listed within the first or second pages, you’re certainly missing out. The more digital visibility your brand offers, the more reach you enjoy.

Effective Portland SEO provides users with a better overall browsing experience that satisfies their inquiry. As such, Google places websites that have effectively optimized their website and web pages higher within the search engine results, so customers get this experience more often than not. Impress them with the content on your pages, and you’ve already made a new customer. When a good SEO consultant has a hand in things, it’s fairly easy to create an impressive website that leaves consumers in awe of the information and content they see on your pages.

How SEO Helps Your Start-Up

SEO helps connect your brand with targeted customers via the most effective marketing pedestal around today. Once you’ve developed a reputation, SEO keeps your name relevant within the industry. It’s easy to become just another brand, perhaps never breaking ground when using ineffective marketing strategies. Used correctly, SEO will direct new customers in your direction, and your company name will be the first customers think of when they need service.

Local SEO is especially beneficial for business owners who depend on visitors patronizing their storefront, delivering localized information such as maps, business address, and reviews that help potential customers choose your business first. The more information a customer can find about your business, the more likely they’ll choose your brand to service their needs!

Search Engine Journal reports that 93% of all purchases made by consumers start with a web search! This search includes brand and product comparisons, price comparisons, and visualizations. The next few years will bring global growth that changes the number of people accessing the internet and the way they access the internet. SEO keeps your brand at the top of the game, ensuring that you’re always in the spotlight.

Top Five Reasons Your Start-up Needs SEO

We’ve covered a lot of information thus far, but we’re not done quite yet. Take a look at five more fantastic reasons SEO is essential for your start-up success.

1. Analytics Information: Analytical information helps you better understand what works and what does not work, giving insight into the pages customers use the longest, the posts they click, the hours they visit your page, and so much more. Analytical information allows you to customize pages that deliver results to your audience.
2. Increased Trust: When Your website is active and ranks well within search engines, it gives others a sense of comfort and trust. It’s important to build this line of trust with prospective customers and keep it with current customers.
3. Cost-effective: SEO costs vary according to your needs and wants, but rest assured it’s a small price to pay for the phenomenal results it brings. Determine your marketing budget and let SEO exceed expectations.
4. Get Results: Getting your start-up off the ground is sometimes challenging. Simply opening the doors and waiting for customers to come isn’t enough in today’s competitive world. You must prove your brand is worthy of the customer once they’re aware of your brand’s existence. SEO takes care of both of these tasks.
5. Increase Visibility: SEO creates visibility that puts your brand high above the competition. Your brand must set itself apart from the competition, and SEO provides the means to prove your worth.

No matter what type of products and services offered, SEO is the marketing tool needed to help your company reach the top. Endless reasons to use SEO exist, including those listed above. It’s clear to see that SEO is the winning choice for your start-up’s marketing needs. We’d love to help you with your Portland SEO.