Whether you are an SEO specialist or a small business owner, it is essential for you to stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2023. And when we say marketing trends, that includes the key SEO metrics to track to ensure your business is doing well this year.

Why are SEO Metrics Important?

Search Engine Optimization remains one of the most important parts of digital marketing today. SEO allows your business to maximize its rank in search engines and online visibility. 

But that is not the only reason you need to track metrics. 

Always remember that SEO is not constant; Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated and improved. And if you want to keep up with these changes, tracking your business metrics is the key to driving more organic traffic and sales to your website.

Simply put, your SEO metrics will help you determine your success in the online space.

Moreover, doing this practice regularly will enable you to further refine your marketing campaigns in the future. 

So if you think you are not paying enough attention to it, make sure to start doing it regularly to ensure your website is properly optimized. 

6 Key SEO Metrics You Should Look Into

So, what SEO metrics should your business focus on and regularly track? 

In this section, we’ll go over six metrics that will boost your online reach and traffic.

Engagement rate

The engagement rate reflects the number of interactions you have on your website or social media. It could be likes, impressions, shares and comments.

Based on this metric, you will have a better grasp of the quality of your content and its value to your audience. 

For instance, if you have a million subscribers but only receive a few likes and shares, this may imply that your content is not relevant to your audience. As a result, you need to create content that matters to your audience while still being related to your specific niche.

Landing Pages

The success of a business does not solely rely on engagements, reach, and online presence. Of course, as a business owner, you want to make sure that your business is moving closer to your goal of converting traffic into actual sales. 

Landing pages play a crucial role in making this possible, as they are the first thing that your target audience will see. As much as possible, you want to track its performance to make sure that it has an impact on conversions. 

Enhanced measurements

Enhanced measurement is an event-tracking feature built into the interface of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This automatic feature enables users to easily measure the interactions with their content. 

Among the events that you can track are:

  • Page Views
  • Scrolls
  • Video Engagements
  • Outbound clicks
  • Site search 
  • File downloads
  • Form interactions

Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are extremely important if you want to convert visitors into customers or subscribers to your email list.

Part of growing your business is tracking the conversions of your marketing campaigns.

Conversion rate is vital for every business, as this can help them improve their marketing approach. Good conversion rates signify that your business’s campaign is on the right track.

Brand Visibility

If you are a growing business, you want to ensure that you are effectively establishing your brand in the market. 

Whether it is social media, web pages, blogs or even videos, you want to look into the number of people talking about you on various platforms. Essentially, this will give you a better idea of how popular your brand is in the online space. 

To do this, you can follow hashtags and keywords related to your brand. Setting up Google Alerts comes in handy to keep you updated. 

Email Signups

Growing your email list is an important factor for your marketing campaigns. 

You don’t just want to convert visitors into customers, you also want them to become loyal to your brand. That’s what makes email sign-ups so important as a performance indicator. 

Doing this allows you to keep your audience updated by sending them emails about new promotions, sales or events about your business.

These are some of the key SEO metrics that you should regularly track to elevate your business’s marketing campaign. 

Still struggling to effectively scale your business this 2023 using these metrics? You may need a digital marketing agency in Portland to help you do this. 

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