Some Castle Rock businesses aren’t in a rush to use social media to promote their brand while others cannot get enough of the platforms. Those naysayers usually develop a negative social media attitude because they look at it as a technique that is here today; gone tomorrow. Fortunately, the statistics do not lie and they prove that utilizing social media to market your brand is a worthwhile decision. Most businesses use social media and 80% of all business owners polled in a Pew Research survey indicated increased web traffic due to social media efforts. It is the perfect time to create a winning social media strategy and let the fun begin. Read below to learn 10 of the biggest benefits coming your way when social media marketing is a part of your marketing scheme.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Increased brand recognition

Social media platforms provide a platform to share various types of content with your audience. Each piece of content posted on a social media platform serves as another opportunity to create a name for your company that people recognize. Post quality content so people view you as a trusted industry leader.

2. Increased brand loyalty

 Brand loyalty is important for every company to achieve if they want to be successful. Your brand is included. While it is imperative to bring new customers to your business every day, it’s also important to have loyal customers there who support your brand and all of your efforts. Texas Tech University reported that companies who use social media to interact with customers have significantly better customer loyalty than companies who’ve yet to engage with the platforms…

3. Conversions with social media marketing

Every photo, video, blog, and link posted to social media provides the chance to convert another person into a customer.  Engage with customers, answer their questions, and otherwise make them feel at ease to improve the odds that you will make a conversion to your website where a purchase is then made.

4. Build brand authority

Regular engagement with customers is important if you want to build a good repertoire with your customers. Being an active part of the social media world allows your posts to be viewed by new members who will want to stay updated with your posts (if they like what they see, of course.)

5. More inbound traffic

Social media allows new customers to familiarize themselves with your brand when searching for the keywords you rank well for.  More social media sites mean more opportunities to create a customer path back to your website and earn the respect needed to become an authoritative brand.

6. Improved SEO

Without SEO, you’re nothing more than another website lost in a virtual sea. Castle Rock SEO determines how well you’ll rank within search engine results for chosen keywords. The average web searcher doesn’t look past the second page of results, so it pays to be listed on page one or two. The SEO requirements frequently change and while at one time social media wasn’t that relevant to the success, these days it plays an integral role in how well you’ll rank for particular keywords.

7. Benefit of decreased marketing costs

Castle Rock marketing costs can eat away at a budget, particularly for small businesses with limited amounts of cash flow to divulge. Research says that only six hours are needed each week to promote/market using social media. Every business can afford this small amount of money to get the word out about their business!

8. Improved customer experiences

Social media is a communication channel between businesses and their customers. It provides you, the business owner, the opportunity to highlight your customer service skills, address customer concerns or gratitude, and otherwise create a personalized experience that customers enjoy and want to experience over and over again.

9. Product and service promotion

Social media provides the perfect platform to promote your best-selling products, new releases, specials, and services. There are a plethora of ways to promote the items that you want to sell, whether via a 15-second Instagram Stories clip, a Facebook Live Stream, or a 280-character tweet.

10. Better customer insight

What do your customers want to see on your pages? When using social media, it is much easier to gain social listening that lets you monitor comments and helps you learn what people think of your company. Measured conversion rates from various promotions are also available information that you can learn. You can learn how to better create posts on both your website and social media platforms when using this information!

Social media marketing in Castle Rock is being used by the competition already, so why aren’t you? The benefits of marketing your brand using social media are amazing and there’s far more to boast about than what’s listed here. It is time to put a plan into action and let social media help your business thrive.