If you are thinking of using social media marketing to promote your business’s goods and services then you are on the right track!

It is no question that the growing popularity of social media made it a powerful platform to scale businesses. According to 75% of marketers, social media channels have helped increase customer engagement, online presence, and organic traffic.

How can social media marketing help scale a business?

There are many reasons why many marketers are prioritizing social media to showcase their business. 80% of marketers employ social media marketing as their strategy to increase their engagement. And there is more to these that can help your business.

With the ease it provides to online users, social media is a great platform to use, especially for small businesses. And if you have yet to get your business into it, chances are you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

Here are some of the benefits of using social media to boost your business:

  • High conversion rate
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve brand authority and awareness
  • Create a community of loyal customers
  • Generate valuable market insights

Social Media Marketing Checklist

As a beginner, getting into social media as a business is a little bit overwhelming. With … businesses across social media, generating leads and driving sales to your business seems impossible. But here’s the good news, there are over 4.62 billion active social media users and it is still growing. 

So what makes that great? Simply put, with that number there is no way your business will not grow. All you need to do is to have the right mindset and employ social media marketing strategies to boost your business. 

Develop a social media marketing strategy

A great social media marketing strategy does not have to be complicated. A simple, streamlined and straightforward strategy that contains your clear goals and objectives is enough. Keep in mind the reason why you need a strategy to serve as your guide on your way to success. 

The goal of developing a social media strategy is to serve as the foundation for your business. It prepares and equips you with solutions to potential problems and challenges you may face in the future. When mapping a strategy, you must consider the following:

  • Clearly define who the target audiences are 
  • Create engaging and high-quality content
  • Conduct social media audit
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Know the current demand and trends in the market

Vary your contents

There are many types of content that you can use to increase your customer engagement. Contents are essential for your business as it has a huge influence on your customer’s purchasing decisions. 

Although visual-type content is most likely to generate engagement, diversifying your content is also beneficial.  By having a variation, you will have an opportunity to not only promote your service but also expand your market reach.

Here are some contents to help showcase your business:

  • Infographic
  • Written contents (i.e. blogs, articles and press releases)
  • Video Contents
  • Images
  • Podcasts
  • Quotes
  • User-generated content

Pick a platform appropriate for your business

Now that you know what content to use, let’s look at which social media channels to publish it on.  

Now that you know what content to use, let’s look at which social media channels to publish it on.  Ever wonder why some businesses were not generating traffic or sales despite being on a popular platform? Well, the answer is simple: they are on the wrong platform.

The key to finding a platform is your business niche. Simply put, you have to look into what product and service you are selling. Based on that, you look for the right platform to amplify your target market. 

Establish a distinct brand voice

A distinct brand voice adds color to your social media content. Essentially, brand voice humanizes your company by assisting customers in visualizing the messages in your content.

In social media, you want to appeal to your consumer to attract them to your offered services. And that is where your brand voice will come into play. Having a brand voice can help you stand out from the crowd to make your content more engaging and compelling. 

So how do you determine your brand voice? To know your brand voice, you want to look into your business values and mission. These two are closely tied together, providing a solid foundation for your brand voice.

Set KPIs to monitor business performance

Have you ever wondered how some businesses became successful? It’s because they use metrics to track and evaluate their performance. This gives them a better grasp of the effectiveness of their strategy. 

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are your business’s companion when it comes to achieving long-term growth. As a beginner, you should make it a practice to regularly evaluate your KPIs. It enables you to better visualize in numbers which aspects of your business fall short and should be improved.

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