It has come as no surprise to anyone that social media’s popularity has exploded in recent years. More than half of the total population around the world is using it and that is about 4.62 billion people

And guess what? The rise of social media opened a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs, and also you, to grow and scale their businesses. It is no question that social media marketing gradually changed the way businesses market their goods and services. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Are you thinking about how you can use social media channels to enhance your digital marketing strategies? Well, we have the answer to your question. But before we dive into that topic, let us first discuss what exactly social media marketing is and why it is important for your small business.

Social media marketing is a strategy marketers use to broaden their reach by promoting their goods and services through various social media platforms. Think of the ads, videos, and graphics you see in your feed; they are all part of a business’s social media marketing campaign. These all aim to increase brand awareness, engagement, sales, and, of course, revenue. 

77% of online marketers believe social media is an effective business strategy. Considering the number of people using social media, it is unquestionably the best way to connect with your target audience. And as a small business, you want to make use of the benefits of social media to your advantage. 

Here are some of the benefits of using social media for your small business:

  • Visibility and brand awareness
  • Gain a large customer base
  • Efficiently reach your target market
  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Increased lead generation
  • Maximize sales and profit

5 Powerful Tips to Dominate Social Media Platforms

Develop a concrete strategy

It is impossible to market your goods and services without a social media strategy.  Essentially, a strategy is essential to determine your business’s goals and objectives.

Once you have a set of realistic goals and objectives, you will have a clearer picture on what actions to take for your business. Through this process, you may want to identify your brand’s voice, message, content, audience, and platform.

Not all platforms are suitable for your business niche and target audience. And having a strategic approach for your business will assist you in determining which social media channels to begin with.

Know Your Audience

Audiences are the most important component in developing a community of loyal supporters for your business. And to do so, you must engage your audience.

Knowing your audience entails learning about their “needs.” This helps you to polish your social media marketing strategy and align it with your audience. 

What’s more wonderful about this? Along the way, you can also expect to learn about what services your competitors are lacking.  You may want to use those to your advantage and create your own distinct identity.

Create Engaging and Relevant Contents

Now that you have a strategy and target audience let’s start creating your content. 

You don’t just want to be customer-centric when creating content; you also want it to reflect your business. Your content’s message should resonate with your audience and also your business. Remember that you produce content that is both relevant to your reader and showcases “why your services are the best.”

Consider these factors when making engaging content:

  • Make sure the content is striking and relevant
  • Think of a topic that they need to know
  • Hook them with a catchy headline
  • Use graphics and visuals
  • Keep the content simple but informative

Track Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

KPIs are metrics that will assist you in visualizing your online performance. Every successful business has a set of metrics they regularly evaluate to determine whether they are employing the right marketing strategy. In a nutshell, KPIs are used to determine whether or not you met your business goals.

Worried about what metrics to track? We shortlisted some tools that can help you:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer Analyze
  • Sprout Social

Stay Consistent

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of consistency in developing your online presence.

Consistency includes not only publishing content but also maintaining its quality. You want to increase your visibility and your credibility in the online space.

Meanwhile, you may want to create a social media calendar to help guide all of your social media campaigns across multiple platforms.

Take your business to the next level

It takes serious effort and hard work to eventually reap the rewards of all your efforts. But having a clear goal and strategies means that you are on the right track to dominating the market. 

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