If you’re a well-established business with a steady flow of customers and the need for lead generation, marketing automation suffices these needs and delivers incredible benefits that can take your company to the next level of success.  Businesses who use marketing automation services love what it does for their marketing strategy and so will you. Look below to discover some of the biggest reasons marketing automation is the next best thing to happen to your company.

  1. Save Time:  A considerable amount of time is usually spent creating social media campaigns, sending emails and texts, and handling other marketing essentials. Automation services cuts the time that it takes to complete these services in half, freeing up employees to complete other tasks.
  2. Improved Productivity: Since marketing automation reduces employee workload, improved productivity ensures that things get done around the office. Employees must devote less time to one simple task after automation is implemented.
  3. Versatility: Marketing automation can help schedule social media posts, manage email campaigns, and much more. With so many features & functions,  this service more than pays for itself in no time.
  4. Increased Revenue: Money makes the world go round -and pays the bills at the business and at home. More money coming through the doors secures a bright future for your company. Automation services increase revenues and profits!
  5. Increase Leads: More leads create more attention to your company. Getting the word out that your business exists is half the battle. Marketing automation makes generating new leads much faster and easier than before.
  6. More Lead Conversions: Leads are great and all, but if at least a percentage of the leads aren’t converted to sales, your business is at risk. Automation services provide a higher lead-to-conversion rate.
  7. Improved Customer Retention: Keeping leads on-board with your business after a sale is vital. Just a 5% retention rate improvement can increase sales by as much as 20%. You’ll be glad to know that the average automation consumer earns well-above this percentage increase after automating services.
  8. Less Tedious: Manually completing emails, social media campaigns, etc. can quickly tire the eyes and the mind, not to mention increase the risks of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Automate services and minimize the tedious process of marketing.
  9. Easy-to-Learn: Fear not, as marketing automation is simple, easy to learn, and a service that anyone can learn to use in little time.
  10. Improved Consistency: Forgetting to post on any of your social media platforms or even worse, failure to send out all those emails on a timely basis can hurt business. It happens, especially when a business owner is without automation services, but is far less of a burden when it’s used since consistency is always a virtue.
  11. Personalized Offers:  The more that you get to know your customers, the more loyalty and profits you’ll enjoy. Plus, it keeps costs low since you can target certain groups of people based upon their purchase habits, age, demographics, etc.
  12. Reports & Information: Detailed reports and information make keeping track of email campaigns, social media posts, text messages, and all of your other marketing strategies. You’ll learn exactly what’s working and what’s not.
  13. Build Customer Profiles: Building customer profiles help you gather important information that helps better strategize future campaigns. Through marketing automation, information such as prior purchases, email responses, and other preference options is simple.
  14. Decreased Conversion Time: Not only is converting leads to sales much easier after automation services are implemented, it happens much faster, too. In business, time is money. Make the best of both with this new service.
  15. Save Money: Marketing automation increases profits and cuts costs in the process. Fewer employees are needed to perform tasks on the clock when automating services take care of things, helping the business save a considerable amount of money.

Marketing automation is an undeniably amazing tool for any business owner who has success on the brain. With so many great reasons to love marketing automation, don’t you think that it is time to get started?

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