Google is used by 90% of the 4.39 billion internet users. That is 4 billion people using Google as their primary search engine. Would it not make sense that you want your business to appear on Google’s search engine?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a completely free tool that allows you to put a name tag on your business’s online presence—allowing your business to be viewed by anyone at any time anywhere. Being one of the most valuable tools, it allows you to add various details to your online business. These details include crucial information such as your name, hours of operation, photographs, reviews, and location.

How a Google My Business Listing Benefits You

When going to a new place, most of us search how to get there with a quick search on our smartphone or GPS. Google is across all android devices and even in some cars. With a GMB, you can show your business to anyone. The listing will also allow interaction with customer reviews, which is an essential aspect of any business. 

Google My Business also educates you on why your business appears in specific searches and helps you optimize your strategies to appear to more potential customers.

Not only is GMB free, but you can manage it anywhere. Using the Google My Business app is a great way to stay up to date on reviews and see exactly how your business appears to the customers.

You can get the app here.

The app offers many features that only benefit you. You can use their insight tool to find out many things from the customer’s actions, such as:

  • Where they viewed your business listing on google.
  • The number of calls and when they were placed to your business.
  • Requests for directions to your business.
  • The number of times your photos were compared or reviewed.
  • Almost any action they take while browsing your business listing.
  • Responding to reviews or answering questions

Customer interaction is a great way to be involved and shows your business is caring and legitimate. 

The photos that appear to customers on your Google My Business Listing are photos uploaded by yourself and customers. This allows reviews to be personal and get more engagement from customers. They may be photos of your business itself, your products for sale, and or your services. Everyone has bad days or accidents, and these photos are manageable by the listing owner. So there is almost no downside. 

My Google Business is Not Just a Standalone Application

You have many features packed inside, and one of them is the booking button. This is a simple feature that allows customers to schedule their appointments or reservations. You will need to be using one of Google’s many reserve partners, but this allows a seamless experience if someone spontaneously decides to reserve a spot at your business.

My Google Business is a powerful tool, and everyone at Portland Digital Marketing recognizes it. Taking your business farther involves making the most of every tool you can get. Visit us on our website for Full Service Digital Marketing and expand your business even further.

The only question left is, does your business have a Google My Business Listing? If not, then what are you waiting for?