You have finally decided to have a professional website for your business with some great pictures by our professioal photography service.

You got an Instagram and Facebook account, Pinterest is all set, the website looks good, and even though you are doing all the right things, clients are still not coming. 

Marketing PhotosThere are so many important steps we all need to take when creating a marketing plan for our business, and often, one of the most important ones gets neglected – the quality of the images we share with our audience. 

You can have the best product, but if you post a poor quality photo with a random filter on it – it’s going to be hard to convince your potential buyer that it’s worth the investment.

Personal brand photography is the art of using high-quality images to tell the story of your brand. Using photos to market and advertise your brand not only positions you as an expert in your field, but it gives your clients and audience a more authentic brand experience. Whether you’re a coach, online entrepreneur, influencer or speaker, beautiful, professional photography can take your branding to the next level.

Professional branding images and professional photography help you build credibility, sets you apart from your competition, builds confidence, and most importantly, gives your brand a constant look across all platforms which will help you show your true self and your business as a must-have for every client that stumbles across your social media outlets.  

Today I want to share five things you are doing wrong when posting images on your platforms. After this crash course on the best ways to use photography for your business, you will rock your field and get ideal clients fighting to work with you!

Why Professional Photography Is Important?

1. Your Social media accounts are a mixture of your personal and business photos

The first thing you need to understand is what your client is looking for. If you are selling a product or a service, you will only get 10 seconds of their attention span, and if your feed is not giving a clear image of what you can offer them, they will move on. Keep your social media profiles clean and business-appropriate – only sharing photos, quotes, and discussions applicable to what you are offering as your service/product. I suggest getting accounts at Planoly or Later as it will help you curate your feed, and it’s easier to get your quality images from your PC to your phone. 

2. You are adding filters to your photos

It’s important that you recognize what your brand looks like to the rest of the world. If you are selling a high-end service or product, but you have a very poor quality image and random filter on, it will not be taken seriously. Make sure your images are working for you and not against you. Hiring a professional photographer as a one-time service (or monthly/quarterly) to take pictures of your work/product can ensure you always have the best images to share online. 

3. Your headshot is a selfiebusiness headshots Portland

This is a big issue, and it can set you up for failure. Clients want to know they can trust you and that you can help them with their needs. An unprofessional headshot is ruining your credibility, and it’s not representing the quality of your work properly. 

Invest in a branding session that will help shape your brand and help you get the right clients. A clean, crisp, and modern headshot will give you the best chance of attracting the right kind of clients. 

4. Your images are outdated

You added a couple of photos in 2016, and you know it’s not good enough, but you don’t know where to start? 

Recognize that your potential clients want to see updated images, modern setups, and continuous growth in your work and services to know you can be trusted. 

There are many, many youtube videos on creating great images for your business with only a cellphone camera and white background. Scrolling through and similar websites can give you some content you can use on your social media, but most importantly, it will help you be consistent and active as much as possible.

 5. You are not planning ahead

You post a random image on a whim because you haven’t posted in a while, and clients can tell. Create a marketing plan and find a way to create content to post during the week and at the times that work best for your business. Don’t get caught not sharing images for a bit and then in a rush snapping a random rose in a garden and sharing with your followers. A social media manager and a branding photographer can help you create a well-curated feed that will represent you and your brand as a quality service clients can not miss. 

Staff Photos

When you are thinking about up-leveling your business, hiring a professional branding photographer should be the first step. 

Professionals can help you create branding colors, looks, and setups that match your needs, and you will be able to get a consistent look and a lot of great images to use for months on your social media. Having a professional, clean, and modern headshot and branding images will help clients notice and remember you and ultimately set you apart from the competition. 

The right professional photographer will assist you with your personal brand photography by offering you a professional, customized photo session that brings every aspect of your brand to life. Not only will they help you create a visual version of your branding message, but they will also create a photo experience that will leave you feeling great. Your brand photography will draw clients in and give them a reason to choose you. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself and your business. 


Dijana Szewczyk is a branding photographer specializing in creating unique and creative headshots and professional images for small business owners in greater Portland, Oregon area. Social Media: Website: