September 12, Google Central Board released its second core update for 2022 called “Broad Core Update”. And just recently, September 26, Google announced it has finished its rollout along with product reviews update

So what does these updates mean to you and your business?

Google Core Update

Building your website credibility takes a lot of time and effort – especially when you started everything from scratch. 

Essentially, these new changes made by Google creates a huge impact on the visibility and ranking of your web page. This makes it more crucial for you to start looking closely at the data to keep up with these changes.

For instance, in the case of core updates, Google intends to reshuffle the search ranking signals to improve the relevance and quality of its search result. Simply put, Google tweaks and enhances its ranking formula for all web pages. So don’t be surprised if you found that your website ranking dropped for your target keyword.

In fact, during the core update announcement, the changes already made some changes in the rank volatility but the impact is less significant compared to the May 2022 core update. Moreover, Rank Ranger also noted the recent spike in SERP fluctuation after the announcement of the update. 

Product review update

On the other hand, Google has also completed its fifth version of its product review update following its recent july 2022 update. 

So what is Google product reviews update, it is pretty much similar to the core update but it is more directed to product review related content. The aim of this is to tweak some changes on search algorithms to reward the most insightful, useful and high-quality product review contents on the web. 

One thing to keep an eye on in this update is the language used to create the product review. As of now, English-language reviews will have a greater impact on rankings. But Google will continue to develop updates to support other languages.

Here are some suggestions from Google to create high quality product reviews:

  • Assess the product on the perspective of the user 
  • Review the product as an expert 
  • Include videos, audio and other related product use experience to support its “authenticity”
  • Compare its strengths with those of its competitors
  • Explain the benefits and its drawbacks
  • Include link that refers to related informative resources
  • Provide key decision making factors and its advantage use to different circumstance
  • Describe how the product was designed, improved or innovated by the manufacturer
  • Always include a supporting evidence to your claims (i.e. why is it considered the “best” product for a certain category)

What should you do next?

The recent updates Google made to its ranking algorithms brought significant impact to different sites. Given these changes you might probably be wondering what you should do. 

To start, you should start looking and keeping a close eye to your web page rankings and visibility. If you noticed a decline, you may want to move forward by optimizing your content to make up for the lost rankings. 

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