Having compelling content for your website is essential for every business to attract more traffic to their website. Even with impeccable content, you can still struggle to rank and get traffic if you have underlying technical issues on your website.

Thus, it is important to conduct regular website check-ups in order to evaluate the current performance and to further optimize the site. By doing so, you will ensure your website is properly optimized and there are no existing gaps on the website for an enhanced user experience and conversions.

In this blog post, we will dive into the 3 ways to assess your website’s technical SEO health issues. 

Website Crawlers

Before we get into its importance, let’s first talk about what website crawlers are. 

Essentially, website crawlers, also referred to as a spider or spiderbot, are search engine bots that browse and index content from all over the internet. Crawlers collect data from webpages that search engines use to provide relevant links to user search queries. 

In simple words, crawling is heavily influenced by links. This implies that links are one of a website’s most powerful assets.

Thus, when optimizing your website, you want to perform a link audit to ensure crawlers can access each page. You can leverage tools like Google Search Console to get an analyzed report on your website’s URLs, inbound and outbound links, backlinks, and anchor texts. 

Webpage Rendering for Optimization

The purpose of crawlers is not only collecting information from websites; they are also responsible for rendering pages. 

If your website contents are not optimized for the crawlers, they won’t be able to see and properly render your webpage. 

So how can you avoid this? To prevent this, digital marketers should ensure that the contents are in a format that searches and crawlers can view. 

Site’s Pages Indexing

After checking if your search engines are crawling and rendering your webpage properly, you should now proceed to check the indexed pages. 

Basically, if a page is indexed it means that it is already visited and analyzed by a crawler and is already stored in Google index. 

Reviewing the index for your site’s pages is valuable as it gives you a clearer picture of the state of your website’s health. It will provide you with the selected pages, excluded pages, and why Google made those decisions. 

These are the three simple steps to review and assess the technical SEO health of your website. Remember that technical SEO serves as one of your website’s backbones, along with on-page and off-page SEO. Without regular technical site audits, then your SEO strategy will fall apart. 

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