SEO is the largest marketing strategy available online. Any business owner who creates a website or blog or even a social media page is subject to SEO standards. SEO helps Google distinguish the good companies from the bad, giving the best search engine placement to trusted, well-established companies. Without SEO, your website is merely another lost company floating around in the virtual world. 

The moment your company starts working on an online presence is the moment SEO begins. When should it end? Ideally, never. As long as your business is alive and well, SEO should be a part of the way you do things. If you begin using SEO and suddenly stop, detrimental effects can occur, and all of the hard work and effort put forth thus far is lost. With the best SEO, your business thrives, so it’s worth the money and the time it takes to get results. It stands above the competition and receives the traffic, customers, and profits that you need for success.

Stopping SEO causes a steady decline in the traffic to your website, social media pages, and blog until the competition eventually takes your customers and profits. Without SEO, other companies using the marketing strategy continue to thrive while your business takes a backseat to these companies. Once you open the doors to business, plan on using SEO for as long as it is around.

Short-Term SEO Boosts After Stopping SEO

Some companies see a boost in SEO shortly after they stop a campaign. They assume SEO is irreverent or unnecessary as a result. Sadly, any improvements or results obtained after stopping SEO is only previous SEO taking effects. Remember, SEO is not an overnight process. It takes weeks and sometimes months to see results. So, immediately after the campaign ends, results may just be starting to take effect. Expect a steady, quick decline in the results soon thereafter.

The SEO Exception

The exception to the rule (because there’s always an exception or two) is well-known companies. The Targets, Wal-Marts, and Guccis, companies so famous and popular people search for products at these sites first. Attaining status as large as the companies mentioned here isn’t necessary to achieve SEO success without SEO services, but the more popular the company, the better.

Changes to SEO if You Stop A Campaign

Ending SEO results in many changes to your online presence. The changes that you’ll notice include:

➔ Social Media Disadvantages: Without search engine optimization, your social media pages aren’t indexed, making it difficult for people to find you here. There are also fewer pages/articles/blog posts to share on these pages, which have decreased traffic and a custom base. People lose interest in your company if it’s not continually ‘out there.’

➔ Google Crawling: Without SEO, Google will not re-index, analyze, or rank your site; therefore, it loses its position within search engines. Customers lose trust in companies that do not rank well and will rush to shop with the competition instead.

➔ Competition Gets head: Although you stop an SEO campaign doesn’t mean the competition stops their campaigns. 

Other companies who work hard to achieve SEO results will see them, take over your website ranking, and potentially business. That’s a major threat to any business owner!

Stopping SEO harbors results, and that hurts your business. Although SEO should be a part of business plans for the duration of the business’s life, plan to spend at least one year working alongside a great SEO company like Talk Out Loud to perfect your marketing strategy.