Social media is an inbound marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to connect, stay in touch, network, and communicate. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, has more than 2 billion active daily users. In fact, more than 75% of all adults use at least one social media network, while the average person has a total of 7 accounts.  What’ so special about social media that cause businesses to pay for ad placement and billions of others to spend their time using the platforms?

Reasons Why We Are Addicted To Social Media

Six of the biggest reasons we’re just as addicted to social media as the next person are listed below, but it’s probably no secret that the list of advantages could go on and on.

1. Makes sharing easy

Social media is a platform that makes posting information, photos, etc. easy, but it’s far more. It serves as an extension of your brand and helps customers better understand your values and traditions. Social media supports business and reinforces its commitment to customers. It is easy to earn an exceptional name via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Pinterest as you interact with customers and enjoy the social experience.

2. Effective advertising techniques

Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially when just starting a new business. Marketing can be very expensive, quickly draining any budget if the right techniques are not used. New business owners rely on effective, low-cost marketing techniques to help spread the word to maintain profits, but most well-established businesses understand the value of affordable marketing. Social media advertising is extremely popular, amazingly beneficial and profitable, and always affordable. It’s a proven marketing technique that also considerably cuts marketing costs!

3. Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience also benefits a business -and a customer alike. When customers use social media as a tool to learn more about a brand, they oftentimes become loyal to those who personalize their experience & show them a good time. When they build that one on one connection, your business grows. And, as a business owner, you save time, avoid the hassle, and increase your effort as you avoid marketing to the wrong group of people.  A better-focused marketing campaign works favorably for your needs!

4. Helps to build online coummity

Social media platforms make it possible to build your own online community where people come to learn, see, associate, and otherwise build trust for your brand that brings them back on a regular basis to see what’s new. You stand above the competition when a strong online community is formed and there’s no better way to achieve this goal than through social media.

5. Social media and business relationships

With all of this talk about building business relationships, you may begin to wonder if these sites are all work and no play, but you know better. We love the connections, the fun, and the enjoyment that social media offers. It’s simple to keep in touch with family who might live in another country or state, share photos and information, and make new friends, too!

6. Social media provides measurable results

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the fact that social media provides measurable results. For business owners, tracking progress, strategies, and demographics is important. This information allows a business owner to better plan and prepare marketing strategies that really work for their needs, saving money, improving productivity and profits, and more.

Social media is there when you’re ready to log-in and enjoy the fun that awaits you. Twenty-four hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year, these platforms are one click away when you want to reach other people, whether for business or personal reasons. We love social media and so should you!