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For any business looking to thrive in the digital space, understanding how to analyze and utilize data is essential. With the right strategies, you can empower your team to acquire and retain new customers, mitigate risk, develop new products, optimize their internal processes and more. Learn how with this guide from Talk Out Loud.


Data analytics, in broad terms, refers to the study of raw data (as it pertains to insights and trends) in order to better understand customer behavior, facilitate decision-making and predict patterns of behavior moving forward. With smart data analysis, it’s possible to equip a company with deeper and more accurate insights and re-orient its direction for increased revenue.


Are you wondering how you can use this data once you have it gathered? Here is an explanation of the most common ways to apply your data to business practices to promote growth and improvement.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Data analysis is well established within the field of sales and can help your team to acquire (and retain) high-value prospects. The information we accumulate about our customers (or the raw data) often gives us the ability to target them more precisely or provide a more effective service for them. To help with this, SelectHub notes that many companies utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which can help you to generate and manage customer leads. Just be certain to look for CRM software that is correctly suited for your business size and type.


In tandem with sales, data analysis could also prove essential to your company’s marketing efforts. Many businesses track shopping behavior and use this information to establish more comprehensive customer profiles, which in turn can lead to more cost-efficient marketing campaigns. There really are infinite applications of data analysis in the field of marketing, as we develop more precise and innovative ways to position brands, generate exposure, and connect with the consumer.

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Product Development

Data analytics can also be used in this way to help us decide the best way to proceed forward – for example, when developing new products. Drafting and rolling out a new product is typically an expensive (and potentially risky) process, but it’s important for companies to diversify their revenue streams if they want to grow and protect against risk. Engati explains that data analysis can help a company to identify the smartest, most profitable route forward by giving us predictive insights that use leads/buying trends to anticipate the future market.


Data analysis also has great use when it comes to internal operations, as it can be used to optimize a company’s work process. For example, digital process automation is a form of specialized optimization that uses data to immediately automate processes. This helps your operation improve on the business’s speed, efficiency, and compliance as tasks are completed. What’s more, errors are reduced or eliminated as processes are improved on the fly.

Improving Data Analysis

Data analysts are typically expensive and if you can’t afford to hire new, it’s possible to learn much of the science yourself. You could, for example, consider returning to education and sharpening your knowledge via an online degree in information technology. Thanks to remote learning, it’s possible to complete your studies as you work simultaneously.

Alternatively, you could try seeking out freelance analysts to help you make sense of large data sets. Websites like Stack Overflow house data communities and should act as your first point of contact when looking for experts.

Evolve Your Business Using Data

Data analysis represents just another way to reduce the influence of human error. If you want to operate an evolving, cost-efficient business, it’s important to acknowledge and implement this crucial practice in your day-to-day operations. Whether you’re applying these data to operations or marketing, you’ll quickly see the value of using your data and available tools to improve your business. 

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