Americans support military servicemen and women. It’s a long-overdue attitude for those who make sacrifices to serve the country. The federal government has many programs for veterans and offers preference to them for open jobs and federal contracts. Many states follow suit. Some corporations also give preference to veterans for jobs or when offering contracts. Businesses offer military and veteran discounts.

Hiring veterans is one way to show support. Another way is to shop at veteran-owned businesses. How do we find these businesses?

Google Updates Its Google My Business Features for Veterans

There are over 2.52 million veteran-owned businesses in the United States. Over 97 per cent of these businesses have less than 50 employees but account for over $1.14 trillion in annual receipts. Google Attributes is a new feature of Google my Business. It now allows veterans to identify their business as veteran-led or -owned.

To turn on this service:

You’ll need to sign in to Google My Business. From the menu, click “Info.” Scroll down to find the “Attributes” section. Click on the pencil icon. A list will pop up. Click on the attributes you want to add. (Currently, there are only three options, but you may need to scroll through the list as they add more.) Click “apply.”

If you don’t have a Google My Business account for your business, talk to your Colorado Springs advertising agency about updating your online presence. GMB is free, and it just takes a few minutes to set up. Currently, it’s unclear whether this information will be verified by Google, but it does take time for the edit to go through.

Benefits for Veterans

Civilians aren’t the only ones who support veterans. Veterans support other veterans. There’s a special bond between them, even when they didn’t serve together or serve in the same branch. They have a special connection and respect for each other. Google is making it easier for veterans to connect to learn from each other.

Keep Your Online Presence Updated

Google My Business is one of the top features for local search. Most of the other search engines pull their information from Google’s database. Having current and correct information in GMB will improve your online presence to let local customers find you.

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