Close your eyes and imagine you have just signed up for a dating app and are now completing your profile. You did not hurry, you choose a photo of you and perhaps your closest friends or your family. Maybe a photo with your precious furry pet. You made sure to take the time to upload these photos that captured your better side. Two potential dating matches have sent you messages. One of these matches has some awesome pictures on their profile. The other match does not have any photos on their profile. Now think, which potential match will you respond to?

Take a minute to think about it if needed, but would you accept a photo-less friend request on any one of your social media platforms? Or, would you purchase a vacation home without seeing it beforehand? You probably would not buy clothes that you have not seen first either. The point is, photos are an important part of life, including online. Whether for an online presence, business listings, or more, you want photos that look enticing. You do not want poorly lit images, blurry close-ups, grainy, dark, incorrectly sized pictures. Uploading Photos are an important part of what attracts consumers and keep them engaged.

When you are considering your brand online, whether it is for social media, business listings, or review sites, people make their decisions not based only on what they read but on what they see as well. Whether they are searching for a cosmetic dentist, the ultimate coffee shop, or the most amazing massage, photos are the differentiating factor. Photos are needed to help people get to know you, they help build trust, and basically help these people to like you. As an Oregon business owner, the number of photos you can upload to your website is endless.

The Top Reasons For Uploading Photos to Your Online Presence

1. Potential customers want to know who you really are

Businesses have many moving parts, your business too. All of these parts are reflections of you. Whether these reflections are the community service initiatives you support, the team that surrounds you, or your storefronts décor, there is more to your business than what we may think we see. All aspects of your business can be highlighted with photos to provide a full picture to customers. However, to accomplish this task you must get rid of photos of your logo and stock images. Instead, choose photos that show why your business is a great one. There is no need to hire a professional, a digital camera will do just fine.

2. Points customers to your specific Oregon service

A common problem heard across industries, including Digital Marketing in Oregon is looking for the “right” customer. If you are an Oregon Online Marketing contractor at a prestigious Marketing Agency in Oregon, perhaps one thing you specialize in is SEO in Oregon. Posting photos that accurately depict these services help allow consumers to make an educated decision when the time comes when they need your services. You can specifically describe what you do by captioning your photos.

3. Uploading photos for your online presence = more revenue for your business

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” can also be true for money. Photos used for your Oregon business attract potential customers emotionally and visually. Try to imagine if you will that you are craving a milkshake. You do a local Oregon business search, find an excellent business with a delectable photo of a milkshake. What do you do next? Of course, you head on over to where that milkshake is as fast as you can go. People searching review sites, business listings, and social media sites spend close to triple the amount of time on pages with photos, as opposed to ones without.

Also, the more likely they are to spend money with your Oregon business with the more time they spend on your page. And just in case getting noticed wasn’t enough, you can expect 12x more customer leads per month when you have more than 10 photos on your website. This means, more people clicking your website and purchasing your products or services.

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