Is It Really Important To Verify Your Facebook Page?

Perhaps you’re busy running your business and you have a Facebook page but haven’t done a whole lot with it. Maybe you’re not sure what to post or what you should do to make sure that your business is found. Perhaps you’re still not sure if you should verify your page or even worry about being on social media in the first place.

First things first. Social media is a must. In this day and age, when potential clients are looking for businesses to work with they want to go to social media to see what the business is about. They want to see you on Facebook or other pages and see what expertise you have to offer. They can also see reviews from other clients that can help draw them in or push them away.

So while you may have a page already, have you taken the time to actually verify your business page? This process provides you with multiple benefits and it is definitely worth taking time to go through verification. See below for just a few reasons you should consider verifying your page.

1. Increase Credibility

When it comes to searching out businesses on social media, that check mark that you’re verified can draw clients into your site. It can also push potential clients to someone else’s site if you do not have the verification mark. As always, first impressions are very important so you want to make sure that the checkmark of verification is visible on your page.

2. Reduce Any Confusion

Maybe you’re one of those businesses that have more than one page on Facebook. This happens for a variety of reasons. If you’ve changed names or pages, it’s important to verify the one page that is correct. This helps your clients know which one is the real you.

3. Stamp of Approval

When you have that checkmark on your page, it means that you’re authentic and that you are who you say you are. With so many harmful viruses and scams out there today, it’s important to know that who you are dealing with is a legitimate business.

These are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive when you decide to verify your Facebook page. Do not waste time and lose potential clients because you haven’t taken this crucial step. Also, be sure to check with Talk Out Loud to help you verify your site and any other marketing needs you may have.