What A Slow Website Can Do To Your Business

Having a website is a must for business today. You can no longer hang outside of the fringes of the internet and still expect people to find your industry. While it may have worked in the past, websites are a huge part of growing new business and reaching clients you may never have been able to before.

What if you have a website already but your customers are complaining of slow response times? Perhaps you don’t even realize that your website is slow to respond and is causing you to lose a large number of potential clients that would have used your services. If you’re not sure whether your website is slow or what it can do to your business, take a look below at a few things that slow-running websites can do.

1. Reduce your rankings in search

You want your website to pop up close to the top of the list when someone searches for your type of service. That is how you get found by more customers and those who are in need of your business. If your site speed is slow, then this could drastically reduce where you fall in those rankings. Even when your site has great content and is SEO friendly, a slow loading site can cause you to lose your higher ranking.

2. Loss of conversion

When people are on your site you want them to buy your services or products. When that site runs very slow, you’re going to lose people to other sites as they will just skip to someone else who has a faster loading site. The population is used to instant gratification and waiting for something to respond is not how society works anymore. You need to make sure your site is ready to go when your customers are so that you do not lose potential new clients.

3. Slow mobile site means loss of new clients

Because so many people have smartphones that they use to access the internet, it is necessary for you to have a mobile site that is responsive and loads in a timely manner. This is another aspect that can cost you clients if you do not have a mobile site or one that responds quickly. You can lose potential new clients as they are in need of services and your site has not loaded yet on their smartphone.

Making sure your website is responsive and does so in a timely manner is just a few services you can expect from Talk Out Loud. Be sure your site does not cost you customers but draws them in by having an evaluation of your site today.