Bill Gates declared ‘content is king’ in 1996 and more than a decade later, his words still prove true. Quality web content distinguishes your brand from the competition and improves search engine rankings as it provides customers with an impression of your company. Although aspects such as design and website navigation impact a customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s website, content is still king and an essential component needed to make a good first impression.

Google uses search engine spiders to evaluate your website to determine its value to the customer. If those search engine spiders find that the content on the page lacks quality and substance, the resulting consequence is a low search engine ranking. If your website isn’t listed on the first page or two of the results, don’t expect to reach your fullest potential. In fact, a large majority of search engine users won’t look past the first five results on the first page of the results.

How To Do Content Marketing

1. Great and original content

Web visitors need a reason to visit your website.  People spend only so much time browsing the web, thus it is essential that you give visitors a reason to choose your website over the rest. Your site must incorporate the right keywords into value-packed content if you expect to thrive. Informative, original content will encourage visitors to click your site; varied content will keep them coming back to your site again and again.

Update the content on the website on a regular basis.  Although the actual time frame to update the information varies from one type of site to another, it is imperative to update. Some sites, such as news and information sites, need new content continually to create a buzz with customers. For others, a few new pages each month will suffice to keep the site active.

Google penalizes sites that do not regularly update their content. Regardless of the types of site that you operate, posting fresh, original content regularly will keep you within the realms of good fortune with Google. Customers also come back when the content captivates their minds.

2. Usage of proper keywords

If you want the best possible search engine ranking, it is important to use the right keywords and to use them correctly. Search engine spiders look for certain keywords within the content of your website to determine what the page is about. These keywords are what customers use to search for companies/services within the search engine.  Keywords push a website up in search engine rankings when strategically placed within the pages of your site.

3. Right audience for content marketing

Once you find out the right audience, it will automatically change your business scenario. This is one of the key elements to market your content and engage with them once you find them. This is one of the best ways to get to the top!

How To Generate Content 

Content generation is a type of marketing that, when used correctly, can help your business grow and expand in the digital world. Customers view your company as a more trustworthy name when the right content is found on your website. Content diverts calls away from the business, saving a company time and money since the words do the talking and the selling for them. But proper execution is essential. Content must be written in a way that attracts both search engines and visitors, which includes proper keyword usage, frequent updates, and meaningful words on each page of your website. Whether written yourself or by a third-party professional, content is king and an essential component of your company’s digital survival.