Annie Wardle

Founder & CEO

Ambition is more than a personal descriptor; Annie is a marketing professional and Founder of Talk Out Loud, a marketing consulting agency that specializes in helping Healthcare providers with patient acquisition through digital marketing.

Her professional experience has demanded that she learn a lot about online marketing, social media, SEO, and sales. She has quickly learned that the ideas she has are only 1% of the equation & implementation is the other 99%. Annie has also learned that moving past failures, course changes, and close calls with a positive attitude and a “lessons learned” mentality is all part of being a business owner.

Previously, Annie worked as the Director of Marketing & Advertising for ABBA Eye Care where she had the opportunity to interact with every stakeholder possible, including: customers, managers, other Executive Committee members, and the owner. This gave her the opportunity to see the organization as a whole, provide marketing solutions, and valuable feedback to drive the company to its continued success and growth.

Annie has also been a business owner of Absolute Video Montage and is proud to be the a winner of the 2014 Best of Spanish Fork, and 2016 Best of the Springs (Colorado Springs) in the Video Production Services category.